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Starbucks Has Adult Sippy Cup Lids For Their Coffee That Could Help Save The Planet

It’s the little things, really. I mean, have you ever ordered a tall drink from Starbucks only to come face-to-face with only venti straws at the counter? It’s not cool and it’s not fair. Also, as we know, plastic straws aren’t good for our environment. Plastic straws have been harming and killing our ocean life, and it’s really time we phase them out (New York City just banned plastic straws , McDonald’s came very close to banning plastic straws ,and National Geographic‘s latest cover and focus of their magazine is on plastic pollution). What else can we do though?

Starbucks has already started to think about it with their strawless lids that remind us of sippy cups. Starbucks already serves their nitro cold brews with this lid, so why can’t we use them with our other coffees? Hmm? No more waiting until you’ve finished your entire drink until you can slurp some of that good old whipped cream. Ask for the fancy (and eco-friendly) lid and you’ll be enjoying your drinks in a whole new way. Yet one question remains: Why haven’t they been using these all along? Why now and why only with one drink?

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, the sippy cup design wasn’t necessarily intended to save the planet (womp, womp). They were meant to enhance the flavor of the drink. “The taste and texture of Cold Foam is essential to the enjoyment of the beverage; simply put, drinking Cold Foam through a straw means the customer will miss out on this delicious texture,” the spokesperson stated.

However, according to Delish, the company is still trying to be more environmentally conscious. The coffee giant is working on a plant-based liner for its paper cup as well as making their cafes way more recycle-friendly.

Just look at this genius.

Ahem. Look at the ease.

The sippy cup lid…in its natural habitat.

What say you? Should all Starbucks drinks come with a strawless lid?