Rachel Behlmann

Guess What Retail Chain Scored the International Discount Grocer Aldi?

Posted on March 05, 2018

Aldi's is making all the deals.

You may recognize the brand, Aldi, from one of the 10,000 stores in 18 different countries. The international small grocer is known to sell some of the cheapest items, utilize 25 cent carts and implement that customers bring their own reusable bags. After launching in Essen, Germany in 1946, I bet the Albrecht brothers never expected their Aldi's to show up in an American retail chain.

Which store was lucky enough to score a piece of Aldi? 

Say hello to Kohl's. The place that takes every Saturday away from Americans thanks to their constant clothing sales and discounts. It's the deals, man. The department store is on its way to start selling discounted groceries once again.

Kohl's originally opened as a supermarket in 1946, the same year as Aldi, but closed up shop in 2003 in order to reduce their debt. The department store side of things continued to soar with over 1,100 locations across the United States.

Kohl's has chosen 300 stores to renovate and potentially lease space for food sales. The department store was looking into partnering with a grocery business similar to the grocery section in Target. Kohl's reviewed potential partners and chose Aldi. You'll be able to shop for clothes and groceries at about five to ten Kohl's stores later this year.

Groceries with a side of fashion or fashion with a side of groceries?

This isn't a new concept, but the large brands are changing the game. Local grocery stores might be in trouble with the new guy in town.