Tiana Rogers

It’s BUTTER Than You Think

Posted on March 10, 2018

Butter enhances taste when used with almost anything. However, it’s not the healthiest option. Try these healthy alternatives next time.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A little virgin olive oil goes a long way. This oil is best for grilling, pan searing, baking, and using on toasted bread.

Health benefits: Lowers inflammation and risk of heart disease.


Shea Butter

Most people only associate shea butter with a skin and hair moisturizer. But shea butter can also be used while baking. It’s most commonly used for making chocolate.

Health benefits: Antioxidants and vitamin E are in shea butter.



Yes, join the avocado toast mania. Mashed avocado is delicious and a healthy substitute for butter as a spread on anything.

Health benefits: Fiber and phytonutrients are present in avocado.


Chicken Stock, Vegetable Stock, and Bone Broth

These alternatives will provide flavor and tenderness just like butter when sautéing or baking foods.

Health benefits: These stocks and broths strengthen the digestive and immune system.

Pumpkin Puree

Put down the butter and pick up a pumpkin as a spread for baked goods.

Health benefits: Vitamin K, potassium, and fiber are nutrients in pumpkin puree.



Instead of adding a lump of butter to your oatmeal, try applesauce! Use applesauce instead of butter with most of your baking too. It adds flavor and sweetness.

Health benefits: Applesauce is a source of vitamin C and fiber.


Which alternative is your favorite?