Rachel Behlmann

The Fizzy Truth About Your Favorite Soda Pop

Posted on March 10, 2018

Uhm, hot Dr. Pepper? Nazi Fanta? What the hell is going on here? Soda pop has never been more confusing, but I'm here to keep it real with y'all.

  • Well, 7-Up used to have mood stabilizers in them. Why did we stop that again?
  • Long story short, during World War II, Coca-Cola kept their plant going in Germany. Once America entered the war, Coca-Cola wasn't allowed to produce coke for other countries. Instead, the German factory came up with a cheese-like drink called Fanta. The ingredients have since changed.
  • Yooo...drinking cocktails with diet soda will get you 18% drunker. Does anyone need anything from the store?
  • In 1931 Coca-Cola went with the modern look of Santa Claus we know today. What if Santa was rocking some Gucci shoes and sunglasses?

  • A couple of dudes liked a certain taste with their whiskey and invented Mountain Dew. It even means moonshine.
  • You can buy Coca-Cola almost anywhere, just not in North Korea or Cuba. Those guys missed the memo.
  • The time has come. Soda is no longer America's favorite drink. Bottled water took the cake in 2017.
  • Coca-Cola kept it kosher in the 1930's with their special edition just in time for Passover. You can still find kosher Coke around the holiday, just look for the yellow cap.

  • Dr. Pepper is so bougie that it once tried to sell itself as a hot drink. LOL bye.
  • At least they didn't try to convince people they were a breakfast drink. Oh, wait...*cough cough* Coca-Cola.
  • Call it whatever you want, but Americans call the carbonated drink soda, pop, or coke. If you're in England, you probably say fizzy drink, but the Irish will say minerals.
  • You don't have to drink the soda. No, really. You can clean your house with it, too. Scrub your toilet bowl, remove rust from cars, grease from clothes, and take care of bloodstains on the highway after an accident all with Coca-Cola. Yeah. You're really drinking shit that can remove blood from concrete. Think about that...with a straw and clean clothes.