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Have You Ever Suffered From Avocado Hand? Don’t Worry, Us Too

Posted on March 08, 2018

There is a very serious condition that has been plaguing the human race since the beginning of time. Never spoken about but widely known, Avocado Hand is something we've all suffered from in silence, but be silenced no more! Let the world know the perils of enjoying the creamy flesh of a perfectly ripened avocado!

Photo by Thought Catalog

Photo by Thought Catalog

For the readers who have never experienced this, "Avocado Hand" comes from when you're cupping an avocado with one hand and slicing with the other. And what inadvertently happens is something slips, whether it's a hand or knife, and a deep cut ensues. Hence, the name, Avocado Hand. Cupping the avocado isn't the only way to cut yourself so be careful no matter which way you're cutting that avo!

It's quite shocking and painful, but at the end of the day, the avocado is ready to eat so... WORTH IT.

Also, we will not be showing you the bloody images but, if you're so inclined, you can find them doing a simple Google search. We don't suggest it but live your truth, honey.

For all the victims out there, let us at So Yummy introduce you to your new best friend...

The 3 in 1 avocado slicer! This baby will keep your hands safe and your avocado blood free! This slicer allows you to cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, and then neatly slice it. That comes in handy when you're trying to get that perfect picture for your Instagram post! Aesthetics, am I right? You can find it HERE and on sale, too!