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We believe in the dinner table, toasting to good things and adventure. We believe that creativity has no limits and that food is life. We believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. So Yummy is a destination which holds captivating food content for the empowerment and enjoyment of all. Have a seat at our table. Cheers!

So Yummy resides under the umbrella of First Media; a multi-platform, content publisher dedicated to the “do-it-all” millennial woman. Leading the pack through social media platforms, digital, video, and cable television, we deliver targeted programming to our audience through their everyday go-to entertainment outlets. We offer inspirational and cutting-edge material to an affluent, dynamic and female audience because we understand what it takes to pioneer culture and form a positive tomorrow.

First Media is comprised of several brands that appeal to the millennial woman.

A digital platform offering captivating videos centered-around DIY projects and everyday life hacks.

A social food publication spotlighting exciting and new video recipes.

So Yummy in Spanish.

A DIY digital platform producing videos focused on cosmetics and beauty.

A cable television network dedicated to early childhood programming.

So Yummy Vegeterian


So Yummy, along with First Media, has formed strong partnerships with brands who are looking to support and attract the savvy millennial woman searching for inspiration. Let’s work together!

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