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9 Ways to Escape Everyday Kitchen Conundrums

Posted on February 02, 2018

Wine Opener

Stuck at a party with no corkscrew? Leave the bits of cork out of your wine and instead grab a lighter. TIP: tilt the lighter on its side to avoid burning your thumb!

Materials needed:

Frosting Tip

TIP: make sure the glue bottle cap is unused or has been thoroughly cleaned! No one likes glue with their cupcakes.

Materials needed:

Kiwi Slicer

How do you cut a kiwi? Do you dig in with a spoon or do you slice individually? Get the most out of your kiwis and never have to peel again by using a hand mixer beater instead!

Materials needed:

Easy Squeeze Lemon

Gone are the days of spending 5 minutes fishing lemon seeds out of your drink

Materials needed:

Corn on the Cob Stripper

Braces and corn on the cob aren't the best of friends. Continue to enjoy this delicious side dish with this teeth-saving hack.

Materials needed:

Speedy Diced Eggs

Who has the time to dice each individual egg? Streamline the process with a cooling rack!

Materials needed:

Homemade Salad Spinner

No need to go out and buy a $13 bowl that just spins your wet lettuce. The next time you pick up a bag of avocados, save the mesh bag and recycle (you're probably saving a sea creature from getting strangled by it). It's a win-win!

Materials needed:

  • mesh bag (from a grocery store)

Jar Opener

"Sure, sure, you loosened it up." No more asking your stronger friends to open that jar of pickles for you. Grab some duct tape and be your own strong, independent person!

Materials needed:

Easy Shredded Chicken

Keep your fingers from getting greasy and just bust out the hand mixer to get some speedy shredded chicken.

Materials needed: